Refund policy

Guarantees, Cancelations and Returns

These units carry a one year repair or replace guarantee ex factory and Dewhot urge the client to keep the original packaging.

Units will only be replaced if there is a factory defect that cannot be repaired and they have been returned to the warehouse in their original packaging.

Dewhot does not have a call out or an onsite repair service and limits itself to repairing or replacing the unit at their warehouse.

Dewhot will not send a “loan” unit to replace the faulty unit but will make every effort to expedite the testing of and quickly effect any repairs required on a returned unit.

Dewhot will bear the cost of the repairs and delivery to the client if the fault is a factory defect. If the fault is through misuse or damage done on installation or neglect then the client will bear the cost of the repair and delivery.

The client will be responsible for the return cost to the warehouse of the faulty unit.

Damage in transit is not the responsibility of Dewhot.

Cancellation of any paid order will get full refunds of any monies received less any courier charges incurred and any damage done to a unit. A unit that has been fitted tried and then returned within 2 weeks will have a 25% charge for the unit and the full courier charges deducted from the refund.

A unit that has been delivered longer than 2 weeks will not be considered for any refund whether or not it was fitted or used.

Any unit not fitted and signed off by a gas practitioner registered with the SAQCC gas association will not be covered by any guarantee and will not be accepted for a refund.

Units not returned in their original packaging will not be accepted or refunded.

A unit that has been ‘repaired’ or had any modification done to it not authorized by us will not be covered by the guarantee.

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